Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week Ten: The End

The audience sees the end of a show's run as a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping moment: for Rep Term, the resounding standing ovation as the lights went down for the final time on Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. However for the company, the end is still a ways away; Rep Term did not end for us until Tuesday evening, when we cleared the last scrap of wood off of Harbach stage, leaving behind an empty canvas to be painted with the set of Knox's next mainstage show. It's a sad, slow ending - watching a set one has grown attached to slowly coming down plank by plank.

But as we all part ways, it's amazing to think of what we've accomplished, and all the memories we've made. I find myself incredibly grateful for this blog, a place where the theatre we made (something which is by nature transitory) can be immortalized, for us to look back on even years from now. For though the lines will disappear from memory, the set will have long come down, and we will all have moved on to exciting new careers, many far from the theatre, there is one thing we can be certain will remain years from now: the friendships we all made, offstage and on.

The unofficial end of Rep Term took place the morning after the set came down, with the entire company assembled in CFA for "Ritual," a white elephant game of sorts where everyone in the company draws another company member from a hat and gets them a $5 gift. The highlight of Ritual, and the sign a company has bonded, are the speeches that accompany the gift-giving - many gift-givers got choked up in expressing their feelings for their friends, some old, some new. Two costume shop workers ended up crying in each other's arms, two men in the cast got choked up as they tried to express their feelings for each other, and many people couldn't even finish their speeches, simply handing over their gifts accompanied by massive hugs, hugs that spoke a thousand words. It's emotional to end a show, but it's a comfort to know that we've all grown so much closer.

And with that we have to conclude this blog. Thank you all so much for reading, for following our adventures, and for supporting undergraduate theatre. It's been absolutely wild and wonderful.

From all of us at Rep Term XVII, good night.

Holden Meier 
Crew Chief of Paper Publicity
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere... Old Bailey
The Secret in the Wings... Mr.Fitzpatrick

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