Monday, March 7, 2016

Week Nine: Feeling Fine

With week nine came the second week of performances. With mornings off, the company has been getting some well deserved rest before shows that night. Call time for the cast and crew was at six in the afternoon, with a show at seven. All of our hard work had finally come to one end product: two amazing, beautiful, and fantastic shows. 

When Saturday came, the company prepared themselves for not only for doing two shows that day, but for the last performances of each show of Rep Term XVII. After each show, you could probably find a member of the company crying, hugging, or cradling one another in their arms. When the last performance was over, we all hugged it out backstage. We made it! 

Now that Rep Term is over, we can all take a bit of a break, but there's not doubt in my mind that we will remember this experience for a lifetime. We would all like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who came to see the shows and supported us! 

Brady Comenduley
ASM The Secret in the Wings 
Crew Chief of Social Media

The great Beast of London!

 Holden Meier portraying Mr.Fitzpatrick. 

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