Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week Seven: Tech Heaven

We've made it! Week seven that means it's time for tech! The company of Rep Term XVII is hard at work getting the shows performance ready. This week has been cue-to-cue, when cast and crew for each show build all of the technical elements of the show, for each show, and after a few rehearsals we will be ready for opening night!

Opening night for Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere is Thursday, February 25 and opening night for The Secret in the Wings is Friday, February 26. The shows have never looked better. Student co-lighting designer, Sophie Click, has been working hard to bring the sets to life. She's been working on rigging and lighting since her Freshman year of high school and has been passionate about lighting ever since.

Cue-to-cue isn't a glamorous job for anyone. Actors have to stand on stage for ages waiting for cues to be built, and they run the same moments over and over until it's just right. Designers, are frantically making the world the actors live in, and building that world takes time. Now that the cues are built, it's up the the stage management team for the run to run smoothly. During rehearsal it's the director's show, during tech it's the stage manager's, and during performances it belongs to the actors.

We're ready for opening this week! See you guys soon!

Brady Comenduley
ASM The Secret in the Wings
Crew Chief Social Media

Theresa Murphy playing The Princess Who Wouldn't Laugh.

 Martha Brown taking a break from painting.

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