Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week Four: Ready for More

We're already four weeks into the term, and we're not slowing down anytime soon. If anything the pace is only going to get faster from here. Despite all the work that has been completed, there's still a lot more to do. I'm not worried though.

Both The Secret in the Wings and Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere have been completely blocked! We have less then half of our rehearsals left before tech, but we are right on track and the shows are only getting better. Actors are now memorized, for the most part, but stage management will still be there when actors call "line!"

The scene shop and costume shop are making great progress. With the walls halfway up for The Secret in the Wings and the foundation of Neil Gaiman's Neverhwere done the scene shop is right on track. The costume shop is continuing to do fittings and pull costumes. All sorts of suits and dresses have been ordered and are arriving soon. Scenic painting and lighting are going to be getting started next week, also, and there will be more on that when it comes!

We've also been taking on the Great Beast of London itself. Building a beast seems to be easier than fighting it. Olivia Thiel is spearheading (ha!) the beast building team. They're making paper mache parts of the beast for various ensemble members to control. Soon fabric will be pulled at the beast will be looking better than ever. Sorry Richard!

We're closing in on tech week as we go into week five. There's no doubt in my mind that we'll be ready when the time comes. We're going strong into week five!

Brady Comenduley
ASM The Secret in the Wings 
Crew Chief of Social Media

Miranda Curtis and Natalie Polenchonski take care of shipping and handling.
Morgan Jellison runs a stage combat workshop.

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