Thursday, February 18, 2016

It's Tech Week!

It’s no secret (pun absolutely intended) that not a single person is safe from tech week. The trick is in seeing how much you can harness the stress and pain and misery into doing great things for the progression of both productions! Happy times, happy times! The cast of  The Secret in the Wings are standing for hours under hot lights, and repeating the same line over and over to ensure the proper setting of the lighting cue. In the meantime, the  rest of the company is pounding, dragging, splashing and slashing the Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere set into it’s proper place. And let me tell you, it is coming along!

There are times where I unfailingly believe that we’ve all bit off more than we can chew as far as completing the set and compiling all the props and costumes, but then I take a water break, and walk back into Harbach, I unfailing do a double take at the amazing thing we’ve created. With our own two hands, mind you! It’s a lot, but every hour we come closer to completing one of the most elaborate and grandest sets in Knox’s history and that feels amazing to be a part of.

With Secret wrapping up it's cue-to-cue and tech rehearsals today, the company gears up for Neverwhere's cue to cue on Saturday. I took a peek at the sound cues on Dakota’s, our sound designer’s, computer. There were over 100 of them. I asked if that was a big number and he said he usually works on show that have a little over 20, SO, that’ll be a blast and a half incorporating into the show. If we thought that the set was a lot to take on, I don’t think any of us are mentally prepared for the focus and stamina that will be necessary for a productive cue to cue. We just have to remember, that we love this. We choose this. And it will absolutely be worth it. Come see RepTerm! We deserve an audience after all this hard work...

and tech week, hit me with your best shot!

Martha Brown
Door...Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

Director, Liz Carlin-Metz, and Assistant Director, Niki Acton, watch a Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, rehearsal unfold.

 Liz teaches the cast of Neverwhere a few moves.

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