Friday, February 5, 2016

Checking In: Scenic Painting

Now that the scene shop has filled Harbach and Studio Theatre with the looming skeletons of sets, the members of the scenic painting crew have begun to show their true forms as paint-splattered warriors during crew time as they coat flats in smooth layers of paint. Amidst the roar of saws, their slick paint rollers transform crude flats into neat walls, and slowly and surely they begin to bring the worlds of our two shows to life.

While hard at work on walls-to-be in Harbach theatre, scenic artists Theresa Murphy, Emma Lister, and Danielle Freeman look through the flats as they work, checking diligently for drips of paint and missed spots, talking just loud enough to be heard over the scene shop music. They speak hopefully of the days to come when their work will expand to include plastering those same walls with posters. They envision mosaics and intricate maps of the London Underground, and vow to work tirelessly day and night (even Sundays!) to make their dreams come to glorious fruition.

After the last of the flats is done, these artistic geniuses retire to the lively world of the scene shop to take their turns bending over the sink to wash out their rollers. Their work today is done--but as the days progress and tech week draws ever nearer we hope to see these warriors more and more as they are called into action to give our sets life.

Amalia Hertel
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere... Ensemble Member

Flats for Neverwhere  get a first coat of paint.

 Crew Chief, Emma Lister, returns excess paint to its tub.

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