Thursday, February 11, 2016

Checking In: Lighting

Suddenly the Rep Term XVII company is in the week before tech. Everything has been moving at the speed of light including the busy bodies on the lighting crew. In the past week and a half the lovely ladies and gents of the lighting crews have managed to finish the hang in Harbach which is no easy task especially when moving those heavy cells necessary to illuminate the cyc (the big and expensive hanging piece of fabric on the stage in Harbach that catches light.) 

Most of this week has been spent up in the totally stable but still scary looking cats in Studio Theater getting the lights hung for The Secret in the Wings. Niki Acton, Master Electrician for Secret, is excited to be moving onto gelling (adding color filters) and focusing the instruments. By tech next week, the lighting designs of Sophie Click and Craig Choma will be brought to life on stage.

Outside of the theater spaces, the production teams are having their paper techs this week. Paper tech is when the designers, directors and stage managers gather with their scripts to record all the cues necessary for the plays including the numerous lighting cues. The Secret in the Wings currently has over 100 light cues! The shows are really starting to come together on paper and in real life, and we couldn't be more excited as a company.

Caroline Foulk
ASM Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere 

Lights hanging from Harbach grid.

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