Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week Three: Hard Work is Key

Week three has come and past. The week began with discussion on dramaturgical ideas and pursuits for the program and lobby display. We’ve come up with some pretty incredible and immersive ideas, now it’s time to figure out which ones are practical given our time and resources. Can we really recreate an entire tube station in the lobby of CFA? Can we really have live swans wandering around studio lobby? Regardless, whatever we decided to go with I know will be great.

Thursday morning a group of us from  Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (NGN) had to participate in a stage combat workshop run by Morgan Jellison. We learned a number of different ways to slap, punch, and even strangle an attacker on stage. Things got pretty intense! But we were told to move through the steps with the speed of molasses to ensure our safety. Next Thursday we’re going to learn how to kick, throw, and stomp someone’s head in! I’m excited to say the least…

After the workshop I got to sit in on a meeting with my fellow PR-er, Brady, as we discussed with Knox’s Office of Communications various ways with which we can get the Rep Term word out. We came up with some cool stuff, like doing an interview with the local radio station, getting in touch with some high school theatre clubs, talking to the tourist association, and much more. Our campaign to get local restaurants to feature Rep Term themed dishes is going wonderfully! I am absolutely surprised at how on board they all are, so everyone make sure to get out to Baked, the Beanhive, Q’s, Glo Juice Bar, The Landmark, and Uncle Billie’s soon to get your what-have-yous! I’m thrilled to find out what they’ll come up with.

As far as NGN rehearsals go, by Friday we were practically halfway done blocking act two, which is incredible given the number of rehearsals we’ve had. The Secret in the Wings rehearsal have led the company to be almost done blocking the show. The momentum picks up a lot in act two. Now more than ever I feel the pressure to make sure that I’m staying on top of marking my tactics and objects. As a learning actor,I’m starting to notice the difference this makes, which is an exciting discovery.

Week four hasn’t even begun and I can already feel the pressure of tech week! I cannot believe how quickly this term is going by. We’ve done so much, but we’ve so far to go! Week four, look out!

 Trevor Marshall sets up shop in the new props room.
 Jordan Hurst takes a company selfie.

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