Monday, January 11, 2016

Week One: Done.

While other students on campus were getting syllabi, buying books, and freezing while walking to and from various buildings on campus, Rep Term XVII students were cozying it up in CFA, their new home for the term. Things got moving quickly with each shop. The scene shop finalized ground plans, cleaned out the spaces, taped out the two sets, and started to put up risers in Studio Theatre. The costume shop has been busy taking measurements of the entire company, teaching new comers to sew, making lists for days, ordering materials, and lots of pulling from costume storage. They have even managed to have some preliminary costume fittings! The properties masters have been wrangling hoards of rehearsal props for immediate use in rehearsals. The folks in publicity have begun the RTXVII Snapchat (add us on Snapchat from the blog page!) and Facebook page. They have begun preliminary poster designs and sent out a contest for our Rep Term logo!  The sound designers were already getting spotted at rehearsals for the shows they’re working on making notes for potential cues. Besides crew work and rehearsals, RTXVII students have been busy learning and brainstorming dramaturgical aspects of both The Secret in The Wings and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. More updates to come on the shop work, rehearsals, and dramaturgy next week!

Natalie Polechonski                                                                                                           
The Secret in the Wings Ensemble Member                                                               
Properties Master: Neverwhere


Caroline Foulk    
 ASM Neverwhere

The scene shop puts the risers up in studio.

Joel Schleicher and Craig Choma discuss design.

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