Friday, January 8, 2016

First Day of Shop Calls

           Today was the first day Rep Term felt familiar to a lot of us. After a week of auditions, first rehearsals and a lesson on dramaturgy, today we got to get our hands dirty, finally. Shop calls run from one to six most days. Today, I attended my first call from two to four and worked on putting up risers in Studio. Scattered around CFA, others were busy with a variety of tasks from striking lights to learning how to sew to simply cleaning out the remnants of shows past to prepare for the monster that is Repertory Term.
            So far, I would say that morale seems high. When Ian Tully (Master Carpenter) called for assistance, three people would pop up, wrenches in hand, to help, and when the snapchat team came for a photo op, even more would appear. We are already working as a team, and with the lessons from the theater faculty on the importance of working hard and remaining professional still fresh in our minds, we are working more efficiently and safely than ever before.
            Many will wonder where their theater friends have to throughout this Rep Term, but from one to six, Monday through Friday, you will find us in CFA, listening to music and making progress on what will inevitably be two of the greatest shows Knox College has ever produced... not to brag or anything.

--Caroline Foulk
Neverwhere ASM

Holden Meier and Joel Schleicher sweep the scene shop in prep for the term.

Those new to costumes learn how to use the sewing machines.

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