Thursday, January 28, 2016

Checking In: Costume Shop

As we near the halfway point of the term, the costume department and crews are all chugging along, prepping costumes for two full shows. As the pressure bears down to have all pieces finished for tech week, the shop meets 1-6pm every single day, and we are even starting to see a few night and weekend sessions. The truly studious workers are building, pulling, hemming, and adding details to well over a thousand costume pieces between the two shows-- it is safe to say that the costume shop has its work cut out for it.

Some big work in the shop this week has been on the crowns for The Secret in the Wings. Ren, Amalia, and Willa have been working very hard to build gorgeous and intricate crowns for our queens, princes, and the like. On one side of our green room, there is a large table filled with crystal gems, silver wire, and pearls. There, these lovely people sit, and work everyday towards building 13 crowns in total. The process is as intricate as spinning straw into gold, but our workers are meticulous in everything. Expect to see beautiful crowns when you come to see our show!

In the furthest reaches of the costume shop, the scent of dye fills the air. Covered by aprons to prevent staining, Hanna, and wonderful shop worker Nola are hard at work dyeing fabrics for different costumes and accessories. Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is a show that keeps them busy with costume pieces that must be the color of feathers or fur. The process of dyeing involves taking dyes that the costume shop already has, mixing them together into what looks like the desired color, letting the fabric soak, rinsing the fabric, letting it dry, and then doing it all again. We're just dyeing to show you all what we’ve been working on!

The rest of us in Rep Term are continuing to work hard in our own crews and in rehearsals, but the costume shop is an inspiration in its work. In the words of Margo, “there is always more to do.”

Sarah Lowe
Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere- ASM/Ensemble Member

Jayel Gant working hard to make costumes.

Ren Barkey models a crown for The Secret in the Wings.  

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