Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week Ten: The End

The audience sees the end of a show's run as a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping moment: for Rep Term, the resounding standing ovation as the lights went down for the final time on Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. However for the company, the end is still a ways away; Rep Term did not end for us until Tuesday evening, when we cleared the last scrap of wood off of Harbach stage, leaving behind an empty canvas to be painted with the set of Knox's next mainstage show. It's a sad, slow ending - watching a set one has grown attached to slowly coming down plank by plank.

But as we all part ways, it's amazing to think of what we've accomplished, and all the memories we've made. I find myself incredibly grateful for this blog, a place where the theatre we made (something which is by nature transitory) can be immortalized, for us to look back on even years from now. For though the lines will disappear from memory, the set will have long come down, and we will all have moved on to exciting new careers, many far from the theatre, there is one thing we can be certain will remain years from now: the friendships we all made, offstage and on.

The unofficial end of Rep Term took place the morning after the set came down, with the entire company assembled in CFA for "Ritual," a white elephant game of sorts where everyone in the company draws another company member from a hat and gets them a $5 gift. The highlight of Ritual, and the sign a company has bonded, are the speeches that accompany the gift-giving - many gift-givers got choked up in expressing their feelings for their friends, some old, some new. Two costume shop workers ended up crying in each other's arms, two men in the cast got choked up as they tried to express their feelings for each other, and many people couldn't even finish their speeches, simply handing over their gifts accompanied by massive hugs, hugs that spoke a thousand words. It's emotional to end a show, but it's a comfort to know that we've all grown so much closer.

And with that we have to conclude this blog. Thank you all so much for reading, for following our adventures, and for supporting undergraduate theatre. It's been absolutely wild and wonderful.

From all of us at Rep Term XVII, good night.

Holden Meier 
Crew Chief of Paper Publicity
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere... Old Bailey
The Secret in the Wings... Mr.Fitzpatrick

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week Nine: Feeling Fine

With week nine came the second week of performances. With mornings off, the company has been getting some well deserved rest before shows that night. Call time for the cast and crew was at six in the afternoon, with a show at seven. All of our hard work had finally come to one end product: two amazing, beautiful, and fantastic shows. 

When Saturday came, the company prepared themselves for not only for doing two shows that day, but for the last performances of each show of Rep Term XVII. After each show, you could probably find a member of the company crying, hugging, or cradling one another in their arms. When the last performance was over, we all hugged it out backstage. We made it! 

Now that Rep Term is over, we can all take a bit of a break, but there's not doubt in my mind that we will remember this experience for a lifetime. We would all like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who came to see the shows and supported us! 

Brady Comenduley
ASM The Secret in the Wings 
Crew Chief of Social Media

The great Beast of London!

 Holden Meier portraying Mr.Fitzpatrick. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week Eight: Everything is Great!

Week eight has come and gone in a blur for the company of Rep Term XVII. With Tech week coming to a close for The Secret in the Wings on Wednesday, February 24 with our last dress, and on Thursday, February 25 with a dress rehearsal for Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere the morning before opening that night, the students are feeling a bit tired. Despite the late nights, long rehearsals, and a bit of stumbling, nothing has been more rewarding than opening night. We have worked hard and we have been rewarded!

Designers, the scene shop, the costume shop, and artists of all kinds have been staying anywhere from midnight to three a.m. to finish work on sets and to practice any glitches in our backstage work. While all of this is happening the students are either running lines, or belting to their favorite songs. Now that everything is done and ready, we could not be more proud of the shows of Rep Term XVII.

By ending week eight with two performances of each show, there is only three more chances to see either performance! As we roll into week nine there's nothing stopping Rep Term XVII from giving you the shows of a lifetime!

Brady Comenduley
ASM The Secret in the Wings 
Crew Chief of Social Media

The first tech rehearsal for The Secret in the Wings. 

 Craig Choma testing the fog machines.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere Trailer

The trailer for Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere is here! Adapted by Robert Kauzlaric and directed by Liz Carlin-Metz Come celebrate Rep Term XVII February 25 - March 5!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Secret in the Wings Trailer

Here's a trailer for The Secret in the Wings written by Mary Zimmerman, and directed by Jeff Grace.

Week Seven: Tech Heaven

We've made it! Week seven that means it's time for tech! The company of Rep Term XVII is hard at work getting the shows performance ready. This week has been cue-to-cue, when cast and crew for each show build all of the technical elements of the show, for each show, and after a few rehearsals we will be ready for opening night!

Opening night for Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere is Thursday, February 25 and opening night for The Secret in the Wings is Friday, February 26. The shows have never looked better. Student co-lighting designer, Sophie Click, has been working hard to bring the sets to life. She's been working on rigging and lighting since her Freshman year of high school and has been passionate about lighting ever since.

Cue-to-cue isn't a glamorous job for anyone. Actors have to stand on stage for ages waiting for cues to be built, and they run the same moments over and over until it's just right. Designers, are frantically making the world the actors live in, and building that world takes time. Now that the cues are built, it's up the the stage management team for the run to run smoothly. During rehearsal it's the director's show, during tech it's the stage manager's, and during performances it belongs to the actors.

We're ready for opening this week! See you guys soon!

Brady Comenduley
ASM The Secret in the Wings
Crew Chief Social Media

Theresa Murphy playing The Princess Who Wouldn't Laugh.

 Martha Brown taking a break from painting.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

It's Tech Week!

It’s no secret (pun absolutely intended) that not a single person is safe from tech week. The trick is in seeing how much you can harness the stress and pain and misery into doing great things for the progression of both productions! Happy times, happy times! The cast of  The Secret in the Wings are standing for hours under hot lights, and repeating the same line over and over to ensure the proper setting of the lighting cue. In the meantime, the  rest of the company is pounding, dragging, splashing and slashing the Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere set into it’s proper place. And let me tell you, it is coming along!

There are times where I unfailingly believe that we’ve all bit off more than we can chew as far as completing the set and compiling all the props and costumes, but then I take a water break, and walk back into Harbach, I unfailing do a double take at the amazing thing we’ve created. With our own two hands, mind you! It’s a lot, but every hour we come closer to completing one of the most elaborate and grandest sets in Knox’s history and that feels amazing to be a part of.

With Secret wrapping up it's cue-to-cue and tech rehearsals today, the company gears up for Neverwhere's cue to cue on Saturday. I took a peek at the sound cues on Dakota’s, our sound designer’s, computer. There were over 100 of them. I asked if that was a big number and he said he usually works on show that have a little over 20, SO, that’ll be a blast and a half incorporating into the show. If we thought that the set was a lot to take on, I don’t think any of us are mentally prepared for the focus and stamina that will be necessary for a productive cue to cue. We just have to remember, that we love this. We choose this. And it will absolutely be worth it. Come see RepTerm! We deserve an audience after all this hard work...

and tech week, hit me with your best shot!

Martha Brown
Door...Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

Director, Liz Carlin-Metz, and Assistant Director, Niki Acton, watch a Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, rehearsal unfold.

 Liz teaches the cast of Neverwhere a few moves.